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About Us

A Passion for Detail

Little Bear Woodshop was founded by husband and wife Nic and Shayna in 2019, after the birth of their first born daughter, affectionately nicknamed Little Bear. Nic has nearly 2 decades of woodworking under his belt, and is a lover of everything woodworking related. Our goal is to create heritage items of the highest quality, that you may pass down to your children and from them to theirs.


Sometimes the simplest change to your home decor can make a world of difference. Let us help you bring a little bit of natural beauty into your home with our handcrafted home decor items.

Shop our huge array of beautifully handcrafted kitchenware items. Cutting boards, butcher blocks, charcuterie boards, and cookware. We've got a little something for everyone.


Our gift shop is full of wonderful and fun things everyone can enjoy! Whether you're looking for games, trinkets, or a hand stitched leather bag, there are so many exciting handcrafted goods in the gift shop.

Looking for a new pair of earrings or a necklace you can't find anywhere else? Want something made from real hardwoods and precious gemstone beads? Look no further! Our jewelry section is constantly growing with new designs and styles. Ditch the plain hoops and studs and make a statement next time you go out. And let that statement be "I really like bees".


Our toys and games section is full of wonderfully wholesome things for your children to play and learn with! Long before the age of video games, children used their imaginations. We strongly encourage this, and will do whatever we can to promote it.